Sell Like An Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurs have a pretty good name today. They're regarded as visionaries and leaders but beyond that, they're known for their insane ability to hustle. You may have heard the saying that entrepreneurs are the only people on the planet who will work 80 hours a week to avoid working 40. Their life is their business. Even when they're off the … [Read More...]

I Hate Dinner Parties

Remember the last dinner party you went to? I've been to dozens over the past few years. The funny thing is I can only name about 5 that I genuinely enjoyed. Why? Because being invited to a dinner party usually means you're forced to sit down for several hours, you have to shovel down course after course, and conversation is often limited to the … [Read More...]

Stop Arguing and Live a Happy Life

It's been far too long since the last time I blogged. I've tried to write several times in the last month and given up within 10 minutes. Writing is only easy when you're doing it routinely. The reason it's been so long since my last post is that there've been some major changes in my life over the last few months. I'm lived in Atlanta for about … [Read More...]

How To Become a Freer Young Adult

Kids graduating high school are in an incredible situation. They are freer than virtually anyone else. If they play their cards right, their living expenses will be extremely low. It doesn’t take a very high income for them to be able to live a wonderful and luxurious life. I was in this situation this entire last year. I wasn’t making very … [Read More...]

5 Things I Learned From My First Job Hunt

Over the last couple months, I participated in my first real job hunt. I had searched for a job when I was a sophomore in high school but that consisted of little more than dropping off my resume at a few different restaurants around town. During this job hunt, I was low on time and if I was going to find an option besides my Praxis business … [Read More...]

How Praxis Gave Me a Five-Year Head Start

One year ago I had just graduated high school and been accepted into the Praxis program. My only real work experience was two years of waiting tables. Other than that, there wasn’t much I could show future employers. Praxis was an opportunity to build my own resume and jump start my career in just one year. Let’s fast forward to today. I just … [Read More...]