About Nick

or4a0457-1I am a 19-year-old working in sales for GuildQuality in Atlanta Georgia. I have experience in marketing, customer service, website development, and sales. I’ve been published on Vox.com, Life Learning, Breaking the Mold, and participated in an interview on iHeart Radio. I’ve given speeches at Carnegie Mellon, The University of Pittsburgh, and Ohio University.

I opted out of school to pursue an apprenticeship opportunity with Praxis at 18-years-old. I chose a different path from most of my peers because since I was very young I knew working and creating value were what made me come alive. I couldn’t bare the thought of spending another 4 years waiting to become an “adult.” Praxis gave me the tools, network, and guidance I needed to tackle the professional world.

The world we live in today is faster, freer, and full of possibles unavailable to generations in the past. I am passionate about the spread of innovative ideas that benefit all of society and allow people to live freer lives.

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions: nickbtucker@gmail.com