First Impressions Die, How You Leave Is Everything.

First impressions are important in the beginning. When you start a new job a first impression can mean a lot in the first week or two. It sets the course for people’s opinion of you and sometimes even your role in the office. But after you leave a job, no one thinks about that. The only thing people will remember or care about is your last two weeks.

The problem is that this goes against our natural inclinations. If we know we’re leaving our job after a short while our mindset changes. We start to think about the next step and challenge. Our work becomes a chore in the way of our new exciting future. The reality is that we have more incentive than ever to kick ass during those last few weeks.

Sometimes people misunderstand what the value of a job is. It’s not the paycheck week to week. That’s important for our livelihood but what we really gain from a job is social capital. If you leave your job by making a scene or simply coasting for your last few weeks, people are going to remember you as a slacker.

It can be hard to dominate your last two weeks in a job because your mind has moved onto other things. Plus, the benefits of giving it your all are much more abstract than they were before. Before it meant staying in good standing with the boss, getting respect from your coworkers, and maybe earning a pay raise. Now you don’t really know what the benefits of working hard could be.

Social capital is one of the most important things you can work towards in the early stages of your career. If you go all out, people will remember you as a hardworking and wonderful person. The possibilities that come with people being your biggest supporter are endless. Focusing your efforts to the very end will pay off far more than diverting your attention to the next step.

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