How Praxis Gave Me a Five-Year Head Start

One year ago I had just graduated high school and been accepted into the Praxis program. My only real work experience was two years of waiting tables. Other than that, there wasn’t much I could show future employers. Praxis was an opportunity to build my own resume and jump start my career in just one year.

Let’s fast forward to today. I just finished my 10 months with Praxis a couple weeks ago. As of this last week, I have received two full-time job offers. I have one contract on the table with my business partner and I was just offered a job with one of the top tech startups in Atlanta!

That reality still hasn’t totally hit me. It’s somewhat incredible how much has happened in a year. I’ve gained confidence in my own ability and intuition, I’ve developed marketable skills, and I’ve built an effective network. Praxis has given me absolutely every opportunity I need.

But it’s not a fairy tale world. Joining Praxis doesn’t mean you’ll definitely set yourself up with the perfect job. It doesn’t mean you’ll be making an impressive salary regardless of your previous experience. They don’t do the work for you. One of the biggest differences between the Praxis and college mindset is that college promises to do the work for you.

If you can make it through 4-8 years of school, you’re rewarded with something that will make you valuable to employers. That’s not what Praxis is about. You have to build your own signal, your own relevant network, and real skills. No one’s going to do it for you. You can cruise through the entire program and come out of it with virtually nothing if you want. No one’s going to stop you.

In my case, I was offered a job by my business partner upon completing the program. I’ve loved my time with them but I knew I was looking for a new challenge. I started looking for other companies all over the country. I applied for positions in Charleston, Nashville, Atlanta, and Austin. This was no different than any other job hunt that people go through. I didn’t have anyone setting me up with interviews or making connections for me. Praxis did nothing to directly influence their decision to hire me. If I had passively made my way through the program, I wouldn’t have had the collateral I needed to make this a successful job hunt.

One of the most valuable things I’ve learned in Praxis is that if you want something, you have to get it. You have to be your own signal. You have to be actively hustling instead of passively waiting for recognition.

Praxis didn’t set me up with a job. They did something far more powerful. The program and the wonderful Praxis team gave me the tools I needed to take my first step in a distinguished, thrilling, and lucrative career.


  1. Kalynne Pudner says

    I’m so glad it turned out to be the right post-high school experience for you, Nick. Sincerely. I suspect you are right that it is a far-superior alternative to college for many. Best of luck on the next leg.

  2. Elizabeth says

    Hi Nick, Came across your name on the Praxis site. My son is in the process of deciding what his post high-school graduating your will look like. He is accepted to the schools he’s interested in and even met with some Air Force recruiters as an option to acquiring college debt.
    I was watching a Fox News broadcast a few nights ago and there was a gentlemen speaking about the Praxis program, which eventually led me to your blog. We live north of Pittsburgh and I had the idea that it may be inspiring for my son to connect with a local Praxis grad. Now I do realize you have since moved to the Atlanta area.
    Any insight would be appreciated. Elizabeth, Pittsburgh

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