I Hate Dinner Parties

Remember the last dinner party you went to? I’ve been to dozens over the past few years. The funny thing is I can only name about 5 that I genuinely enjoyed. Why? Because being invited to a dinner party usually means you’re forced to sit down for several hours, you have to shovel down course after course, and conversation is often limited to the two or three people immediately next to you. The only chance you have of enjoying the night is if you’re fascinated by the few people to your left and right. But geez, even then I need a break. I would never put myself in that situation any other time. It’s a terrible experience. Nine times out of ten, I’m dying of boredom.

I remember growing up and thinking this same thing. At some point, I thought I hated dinner parties because I just couldn’t handle the complexity of these prestigious adult conversations. Not true. Adults are just as miserable.

The best part of a dinner party is the time leading up to the meal when guests can mingle and eat appetizers. People are free to socialize, unite, drink, and eat at their convenience. There’s none of that weird pressure or formality that comes with sitting down at a table. It’s a truly beautiful thing to see people bond when they are given total freedom.

Next time you go to a party, take notice of where most of the guests are concentrated. Chances are that the majority is huddled in the kitchen eating finger foods and engaging in pleasant conversation. That’s all people want!

I feel bad for people who still put on these extravagant dinners. You put pressure on yourself to wow each guest with your special meal, planning consumes an entire day, and the result is a letdown.

Throw out your mom’s routine for inviting people over. Liberate yourself and your guests at your next party. Your job as a host is to stock up on beer, liquor, finger foods, and to choose a fun playlist for the night. That’s it! Your guests will have a wonderful experience and you get more time to sit back and enjoy an evening with your good friends like you wanted.

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