Learn Something New

I write about overcoming fear pretty often. Well, I’m doing it again. It’s the number one road block in most people’s path. If we were better at overcoming our fear we would gain far more skills, live fuller, and become more valuable as individuals. The few that can overcome their fear of trying something new are the ones that rise above mediocrity.

I talk about how this relates to students today. Everyone is doing the same thing to try to succeed. This fear doesn’t end with students. It plagues people throughout their entire life. In the workplace, people stick with their certain “defined skill set” for fear of messing up. A lot of the times people don’t try new things simply because it seems like such ¬†an ordeal.

It’s almost never as hard as it seems like it is to learn a new skill. If you can chip away at your fear and be willing to learn any new skill you will become far more valuable to your coworkers, boss, and all society.

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