Making History

The founder of Praxis, Isaac Morehouse, wrote his blog post for the day listing the results that Praxis graduates experience. I’m Praxis’ biggest fan and even I was blown away by the numbers. The starting salary for people coming out of the program is $48,877. Yeah, starting salary.

The average age is 21, and 80% of graduates were offered a full-time job with their business partner after the year was over. Out of every single person who has ever gone through the program, only one is currently jobless. He chose to go back to grad school before entering the workforce.

One more incredible piece of information, everyone finishes their year with Praxis having made money. It seems like the main problem with Praxis is that people think it can’t be this good. There has to be a scam somewhere. Wrong. It really is this amazing. The apprenticeship is being brought back and Praxis is leading the way.

So if you are an average Praxis participant, you will come out of the program making just a couple thousand shy of the average household income. That alone is incredible. Already Praxis graduates are whopping college grads. Oh also, you’ll be at least a year or two younger than college grads. You will have spent the last year not only setting yourself up for greatness, but also making a small amount of money. Compare this net profit to the average $28,000 in student loans.

Every year more statistics come out that outline the disaster college graduates are put in. Fewer jobs, more debt, and irrelevant or no skills. Praxis participants are becoming more successful in one single year than most people are in their entire lives. The future of school is here. Being the first to do anything is scary. But look at how these people who have conquered their fear have been rewarded. Praxis is successfully breaking the mold, making history, and changing lives every single day.

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