No One Cares About My Education

I’m currently in the middle of a job hunt. I’ve spent the past month and a half pursuing opportunities in Nashville, Charleston, Atlanta, and Pittsburgh. It’s been a stressful 6 weeks for sure. It’s exhilarating as hell but still stressful. Not knowing where I’ll be living by the end of July is the most unplanned my life has ever been.

I’m incredibly grateful for the last year with Praxis. The skills I’ve gained with PyRsquared Inc. are the main collateral I’m using to sell myself. Without that, I wouldn’t be qualified for any of the jobs I’m applying for.

I met up with a friend last weekend and he asked me a question that stumped me for a second. He was wondering whether my lack of a degree was proving to be a challenge during this job hunt. It surprised me because that hadn’t occurred to me once during the last 6 weeks. I’m not kidding. My education hasn’t come up one single time in any of my interviews. They don’t care about that. They want to know what I can do.

After realizing this, I became even more convinced that a college degree is nearly worthless. You know why my education hasn’t come up? It’s because I’ve already done stuff cooler than a degree. The only time a degree might be slightly important in an interview would be if you haven’t done anything cooler than go to school. As soon as you get a real job and gain valuable skills, it stops being relevant.

A couple months ago, I had a friend approach me out of genuine concern for my future. She was worried that I don’t have a degree to fall back on. What if something happens and I lose my job? I’d have nothing to prove my worth to the world. “A degree to fall back on.” It’s almost laughable. A degree isn’t a cushion that ensures your value to the market. Again, the only time it’s valuable is when you don’t have any experience at all. After you gain that experience, forget your degree. It’s no longer important. Lose the credentials and make yourself valuable.


  1. Michelle says

    Depends on what field you’re in. If you’re in the sciences or medicine, you need to have higher ed, if you’re in tech or the creative biz, higher ed is not necessary.

    • says

      I have to partially disagree here. There are limited fields and positions that nessecitate a degree, those being the ones that are legally required such and law and medicine. I am not aware of any jobs that legally require a degree in biology or mechanical engineering. I know many science majors and engineers that have jobs that are totally unrelated to their studies – are are excelling in those positions. So I have to think, what was the point of their degree? I’m lead to believe that unless it’s legally required for your specific job, a degree is not necessary.

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