Sell Like An Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurs have a pretty good name today. They’re regarded as visionaries and leaders but beyond that, they’re known for their insane ability to hustle. You may have heard the saying that entrepreneurs are the only people on the planet who will work 80 hours a week to avoid working 40. Their life is their business. Even when they’re off the clock, their company is the number one thing on their mind. It makes sense the entrepreneur develops a drive and competence that the typical employee can’t compete with.

Think about the mindset of the early stage entrepreneur. When he first starts pitching his product, service, or idea, he is pitching like his life depends on it. Of course, he’s proud of his idea and desperately wants to see his vision become reality. But it goes beyond that. He’s worried about paying his mortgage, sending his kids to school, and avoiding driving his wife to insanity. His entire future is dependent on his ability to work his ass off and execute. If that’s not incentive I don’t know what is.

I started to think about how I approach sales with my company and how I would do it differently if I was the owner launching this business. I would be far more desperate, aggressive, confident, and my hustle would go way up. Instead of seeing selling as sales, I’d approach my day in a more human light. The entrepreneur sees sales in a very simple way. He believes he has an incredible product that he knows will work for your business. He just wants the opportunity to show you. It’s his baby. He pursues the sale with passion and confidence.

Think of yourself as an entrepreneur. Make that mental shift and start your day hungry to make a splash with your product. I’ve only recently adopted this mindset on a daily basis and the difference is huge. It’s a great way to stay confident especially when you’re making cold calls. The biggest change is that it really helps make the sale more human. You have a fresh goal and incentive every single day to spread the word. This helps avoid the feeling that you just have to make X amount of calls each day.

The cool thing is that this isn’t just a quick mental trick you can use. If you’re working in sales you are as close to an entrepreneur as it gets. Yeah, you don’t have equity and you probably aren’t taking out a second mortgage to continue working at that business. You’re still responsible for growing your section of the company and you get compensated according to how well you do! You’re given a unique opportunity, use it.


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    Nice! I think I always approach it like that. It’s a great mindset that comes with responsibility. Knowledge leads to confidence, that’s why I always want to understand how all the pieces of the puzzle work. Selling with authority is the easy part… following through with authority is where the money is!


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