The 3 Actually Important Qualities For Success

When I was younger and going through school, I was given the impression that the most successful people are highly intelligent. Your IQ was supposedly the primary factor that determined how well you performed in school, and the professional world. In the past year, I have learned this could not be farther from the truth. The 3 real important qualities for success in life are hard work, confidence, and charisma.

Don’t get me wrong, intelligence helps. But the higher the level, the less it matters. If you have a job, think about your performance in relation to your coworkers. Are you the absolute best? If you aren’t, chances are that its because your co-workers work harder than you. If you just started, this may not be the case. But over time, the importance of hard work begins to outweigh raw intelligence.

The world is full of lazy geniuses. In some cases, superior intelligence can actually be a handicap. If someone believes they are simply at a higher level than everyone else around them, they aren’t going to feel the pressure of having to outwork their peers.

Next is confidence. It is an absolute necessity for success. It’s what allows people to act on their feet. You can be smart and hardworking but if you don’t have the confidence to make snap decisions, you are going to be severely limited in life. A lot of the time hard work and confidence go hand in hand. The harder you work, the more awesome experiences you’ll gain, and the more challenges you’ll overcome. That in turns gives you confidence for your next challenge.

You have to be able to make people like you and want to follow your lead. That’s where charisma comes in. I’m not talking about being a manipulative smooth talker. I’m talking about the ability to inspire people. The ability to express your ideas and dreams in a powerful way. Possessing charisma is a huge part of being able to sell yourself as a leader.

Intelligence is indeed a natural advantage right out of the gate. But its importance quickly diminishes over time. Success starts with hard work. The harder you work, the more you will succeed. The more you succeed, the more confidence you will gain. I don’t know what to tell you with charisma. I guess just be a fun, decent person and dream big. If you’re doing incredible stuff anyway, people will naturally be drawn to you and you’ll get more experience in learning how to inspire people.

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