The Power Of Knowing How To Sell

I’m currently reading The Last Safe Investment by Byran Franklin and Ellsberg. The general thesis of the book is that there is no direct path to success or one certain investment that will ensure wealth and happiness, except one. The only investment that will absolutely without a doubt become profitable is yourself. I’m only about 100 pages in but so far it’s an infatuating and inspiring read. One paragraph in particular stuck out to me.

“Sales skills are the most predictable way to increase your earnings over the long run. These skills add leverage to your already-existing technical skills (i.e., what you do for a living), because no matter how good you are at those skills, you won’t get paid top dollar for them unless you convince others that your skills are worth top dollar.”

Tonight I gave a short update to a friend about the work I’m involved in with my business partner. I told him I’m making tons of the improvements to the website and that I’m launching the blog for one of the companies we own tomorrow! His response was ABC (always be closing).

At first, this response confused me. The work I told him about had nothing to do with selling right? Wrong. You are always selling. I’m selling my value to the company I work for. I’m selling customers on the image of our company with the website. I’m directly increasing sales by making ordering from the website far easier. I’m also engaging people by writing about the cool stuff that we’re working on. Sales are everything. No matter how skilled you are at something, it doesn’t matter if you can’t sell other people on that skill. Tonight was a good reminder to keep that sales mindset no matter what I’m doing.

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